API integration with your website

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You can automatically upload any data from the uXprice service to your own database on your website using the provided API. What does this mean? Specific information for making the right management and commercial decisions.

For example, a buyer studies data on prices in the market (from competitors) before placing an order. If your purchase price is too high to work even in the mid—market segment, then a decision should be made ehether to continue to cooperate with the current suppliers or look for new ones with a more favorable price.

API docs

API (application programming interface) is a set of tools for automating work with SaaS competitor price monitoring service "uXprice". The API functions allow integrating the collected data into your website management system.

API key To start working with the uXprice API functions, you need to get the API key and use it when generating requests.
Your personal key can be found in the menu: Client Account >> Settings, "API" section

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